Lineo introduces unidirectional flax-fibre tapes

Unidirectional flax fibres.
Unidirectional flax fibres.

Lineo adds that FlaxTape is a 100% flax, dry reinforcement tape for use with all types of thermosetting resins and thermoplastics. FlaxTape is ready-for-use in all conventional processes to produce composites by means of infusion, RTM, film stacking, compression moulding and prepregs.

According to Lineo, the FlaxTape range has been developed to enhance vibration absorption qualities, mechanical properties, weight reduction and aesthetic aspects of composite components and is available in a range of weights: 70, 110 and 200 g/m².

Advantages of FlaxTape

Lineo adds that amongst its many advantages over conventional composite materials, FlaxTape is:

  • lighter than carbon and glass;
  • comprised of aligned fibres giving the best mechanical properties;
  • a flat product requiring less resin than conventional products; and
  • price competitive.

In addition, FlaxTape is claimed to have good mechanical properties with a flexural rigidity higher than 30 GPa, plus a vibration damping coefficient twice that of aramid or glass.

FlaxTape is also an entirely renewable and natural product presenting risk-free handling in use, unlike many other materials commonly used in the composite industry.

FlaxTape is now being used in a number of sectors including:

  • Transport - for its weight reduction, mechanical and acoustic properties replicating those of aramid;
  • Energy - in the development of wind turbines; and
  • Sport and leisure - for its vibration absorption properties.