JETCAM highlights new composite products at Advanced Engineering Show

JETCAM is highlighting a prototype ply unloading and sorting system, which integrates the company’s CrossTrack and Expert systems. Once plies are nested for cutting, a further nest of unloaded positions is created. CrossTrack and JETCAM Expert calculates where all of the plies are on the machine cutting table and the required order and rotation of the plies in the kit. This information is passed to the unloading system for fully automatic unloading and sorting.

JETCAM Expert will be previewing a forthcoming release with a completely revamped interface, along with a number of new features. New runtime estimation algorithms further improve accuracy for quoting, and a new version of Expert, called Premium Connected Automation (CA) will also be showcased, allowing any system such as MRP/ERP software to control JETCAM remotely. Functions such as automatically importing CAD files to create profiled components, or automatic nesting for different machines and materials can all be performed remotely and automatically.

JETCAM will also demonstrate the latest version of its CrossTrack manufacturing suite, providing complete visibility of orders/material stock/nests/machine workloads and full traceability, delivering reduction of errors and massive time savings.