Investment in Canadian aerospace

Rampf Composite Solutions, which makes composite parts for aerospace, has received a CAN$2.3 mn grant from the Canadian government to improve productivity and reduce emissions.

The company says that it will match the funding and reportedly plans to invest in automating its production, thereby reducing cycle times and increasing volumes.

“By investing in automation and digitization, we will position Rampf Composite Solutions to win new business as airframe manufacturers are increasing production rates and looking to develop new aerospace solutions that take advantage of lightweight composites,” said Larry Fitzgerald, CEO. “By designing and manufacturing lightweight composite components and structures, we are accelerating a reduction in fuel consumption today and creating solutions for hybrid and electric transportation in the future.”

The investment is part of an CAN$11 mn investment in Canadian aerospace, with communications specialist Nanowave Technologies, tubular component supplier NWI Precision Tube ULC and not-for-profit organization Women in Aerospace-Canada also receiving funding.