Gurit launches wind turbine blade repair system

RENUVO repairs can be carried out from rope or platform access.
RENUVO repairs can be carried out from rope or platform access.

The RENUVO MPS multi-purpose system is a single-component UV curing resin suitable for temperatures of 5-18°C and 15-30°C. The product can be used on polyester or epoxy substrates. Gurit says the resin should be applied using a standard cartridge gun out of direct sunlight (to extend the working time) and is cured in 90 seconds for a thickness up to 5 mm. Curing is achieved using the RENUVO Neoeletron lamp, a hand-held battery operated lamp suitable for small repairs.

The MPS products are suitable for non-structural damage and light repair work.

For structural damage to the blade, Gurit offers RENUVO PP BIAX and PP UD, which are biaxial and unidirectional prepregs. Both variations are available for use at the same temperature ranges as the MPS system. The prepregs are UV cured using the RENUVO LED 400F lamp, a high intensity, large scale lamp. A 5 mm thick laminate repair can be cured in 180 seconds.

Gurit lists the benefits of the blade repair system as:

  • over 50% reduction in structural repair time;
  • low odour, zero VOC, resin;
  • styrene and amine-free;
  • GL certification pending;
  • extended weather window for repair from +5°C;
  • zero post-cure for repair; and
  • compatible with all types of blade construction including prepreg, epoxy infusion and polyester infusion.

The companies of Gurit Holding AG, Wattwil, Switzerland, specialise in the development and manufacture of composite materials, includuing prepregs, foam core materials, gel-coats, adhesives, as well as certain finished parts, composite process equipment and tooling. Gurit's key markets are wind energy, tooling, transportation, and marine.