Gurit introduces high temperature prepreg

The prepreg offers a flexible cure cycle from 135-180°C (at 180°C cure, Tg is 200°C).

Gurit adds that PN901 resin is an ideal matrix system for high temperature composite applications, as it combines ease of processing and handling convenience of epoxy resins, high temperature stability of polyimides, and flame and fire resistance of phenolics.

A 135°C cure for 75 minutes combined with a post-cure, enables PN901 to generate a Tg in excess of 300°C, making PN901 ideal for applications in composite structures, which are exposed to very high temperatures.

The flame and smoke characteristics of PN901 composites show that this resin possesses superior flame retardant properties and holds a wide range of aerospace grade FST (fire/smoke/toxicity) standards. 

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