Growth for 9TLabs

3D printing composite specialist 9T Labs AG plans to open an office in the US and increase its personnel for 2022.

“Despite the challenges that all of industry has faced during the past two years, we are entering 2022 full of optimism,” said Giovanni Cavolina, 9T Labs co-founder and chief commercial officer. “With many new production applications initiated last year, we have an additional pool of customers who will scale to series production using multiple 9T Labs Red Series systems just as soon as the technology is validated for their particular target application.”

“Aerospace and medical will continue to be very important to us since they offer the highest scaling possibility.”

The company said that the first series production of composites parts produced using its additive fusion technology will become commercially available before the end of the year. The company is also working on developing the technology for applications with a production volume beyond 100,000 per annum.