GKN Aerospace and SAMC extend C919 partnership

The C919 will have 168 seats in an all-economy class layout.
The C919 will have 168 seats in an all-economy class layout.

SAMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commercial Aircraft Company of China Ltd (COMAC), a state-owned company.

In collaboration with SAMC, GKN Aerospace will manufacture and assemble the composite horizontal tail plane (HTP) for the C919. The carbon fibre composite HTP consists of two major torque-box assemblies joined together at a centre rib and includes the elevator assemblies.

"The on-going success of this collaboration with SAMC represents both an important expansion of GKN’s long established working relationship with China and a vital technological step forward in our work on the design and manufacture of advanced composite components and structures.”
Marcus Bryson, CEO, GKN Aerospace and Land Systems

Working with SAMC, GKN Aerospace will carry out the HTP development activities and, on completion of this phase, will move into a manufacturing joint venture. This joint venture will be called Shanghai GKN-SAMC Aerospace Composite Structure Manufacturing Co Ltd.

  • The COMAC 919 is China's first large commercial airliner and is scheduled to enter service in 2016. This the first time that China has developed a commercial aircraft using composite material in its primary load-carrying structure.

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