Forewind consortium to develop Dogger Bank Round 3 offshore wind farm zone

The Dogger Bank offshore wind farm zone is in the North Sea, located 125-195 km off the east coast of Yorkshire, UK.

The offshore wind zone extends over approximately 8660 km2 with its outer limit aligned to UK continental shelf limit as defined by the UK Hydrographic Office. The water depth ranges from 18–63 m.

Forewind has agreed with The Crown Estate a target installed capacity of 9 GW, though the zone has a potential for approximately 13 GW, which equates to around 10% of the total projected UK electricity requirements. If developed it could be the world’s largest offshore wind project.

Forewind’s four partners are:

General Manager Frank-Are Steinbakk says: "The partners in the consortium are very pleased with the announcement of Forewind as the successful bidder for Dogger Bank. This is an exciting project and heralds a completely new era for offshore wind, however there are many technical and logistical challenges to be addressed so Forewind will need to both draw fully on the experience of each of the partners and also look for innovative suppliers and contractors to help us ensure we address all the issues and achieve consent."