Fire protection material passes rail test

TFP reports that its Tecnofire fire protection material has passed key elements of the EN45545-2 rail standard with a HL2 R1 rating.

Tecnofire is designed for use in composite applications and can help protect the underlying structure during a fire, whilst reducing smoke and heat release.

According to the company, a recent three-year study of carried out by the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, tested the incorporation of Tecnofire into composites in order to pass fire tests which are part of the EN45545-2 standard required in rolling stock applications for interior panelling (R1). Three types of composite were investigated; a standard (i.e. non fire, smoke & toxic fume (FST) rated) epoxy carbon fiber prepreg based composite, a standard non-FST epoxy carbon fiber prepreg based sandwich composite and finally, a polyester resin vacuum infused composite window panel for an underground train. All three parts were fabricated and subjected to stringent fire testing to assess their performance to specific EN44545 tests, TFP said.

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