EWEA 2011: Alstom upgrades its 3 MW ECO 100 wind turbines

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

The ECO 100 wind turbine, currently used for medium to high wind sites, is being upgraded to a high wind (IEC Class I-A) wind turbine.

The ECO 110 turbine, currently suitable for Class III sites, is being upgraded to a medium wind (IEC Class II-A) wind turbine.

Hub heights of the platform are 75 m, 90 m, and 100 m, with higher towers planned for 2012. Both wind turbines are being offered now for deliveries from mid-2012, Alstom says.

Alstom is also introducing a new high capacity factor low wind (IEC Class III-A) turbine, the ECO 11X, with a larger rotor diameter. The exact rotor diameter, in the range of 115-125 m, will be released in the second half of 2011. Deliveries are expected to start in 2013.

Alfonso Faubel, Alstom Power’s Wind business Vice President, says: “Energy yield is the biggest lever we have to increase value for our customers. Our ongoing investment in this new generation of powerful and reliable wind turbines further improves yield in all wind conditions by delivering a capacity factor increase of between 8-15% across the various wind classes.”