European research project to develop next generation composite manufacturing

The aim is to develop a unique approach for the design and manufacturing of advanced composites.

Partly funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7), the ECOMISE project is coordinated by DLR (DE) and involves two industrial partners: Bombardier Aerospace Belfast (UK) and Hutchinson (FR), besides DLR two more research centres: Faser Institut Bremen (DE) and NLR (NL), four SMEs: Airborne Technology Centre (NL), Polyworx (NL), Loop Technology (UK) and Synthesites Innovative Technologies (GR) and two software companies: Samtech (BE) and Dassault Systèmes (FR).

In current composite part development and manufacturing processes a disproportionally high effort is required in order to find optimal process parameters and to meet required qualities and tolerances of high performance light weight structures.

The ECOMISE project proposes a breakthrough production system to enable next generation of thermoset composite manufacturing and post-processing. Within this new approach high precision process techniques for advanced dry fibre placement (AFP), infiltration (Resin Transfer Infusion (RTI) and RTM) and curing will be developed in order to maximise process efficiency at reduced costs and production time due to less material consumption, higher reproducibility, less energy, less waste and less rework.