EuCIA highlights new projects at COMPOSITES EUROPE

EuCIA is a partner in three European Union (EU)- financed projects under the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme:

  • NATEX – Natural Aligned Fibres and Textiles for Use in Structural Composites Applications;
  • BioStruct – Advanced Wood-Based Composites and their Production; and
  • Woody – Innovative Advanced Wood-Based Composite Materials and Components.

All three projects aim to develop sustainable composites based on natural resources.

Composites recycling 

EuCIA also highlighted the compliance of composites recycling with EU legislation. Following studies into the recycling of composites and consultations with EU institutions and industry stakeholders thermoset composite parts are now considered recyclable and compliant with EU legislation.

A joint position paper has been drafted by EuCIA, the European Plastics Converters (EuPC) and the European Composite Recycling Services Company (ECRC) to highlight this approach.


COMPOSITES EUROPE 2009, the fourth event in the series, took place on 27-29 October in Stuttgart, Germany. The trade show is supported by EuCIA.

“Looking back since COMPOSITES EUROPE took place for the very first time, we can all agree that this event went through an amazing development and today we are all witnessing a COMPOSITE success story," says EuCIA president Volker Fritz. "EuCIA has been a cooperation partner from the start, being one of the co-founders of COMPOSITES EUROPE."

"Together with Reed Exhibitions and our media partner Reinforced Plastics, the trade fair is the Business Platform which provides access to alternative technologies and new materials,” he adds.