EuCIA adds glass fiber data to calculator

The European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) has reportedly added new data for glass fiber to its Eco Impact Calculator.

The calculator is an online tool that enables composites companies to calculate the environmental impact associated with the production of their products.

The new glass fiber data follows the availability of new data for carbon fibers announced in February, and comes from GlassFiberEurope, the name for the European glass fiber producers association, EuCIA said. According to the association, it is an EU average, peer reviewed set of life cycle assessment (LCA) data for glass fiber products based on the recent industry manufacturing practices and includes multi-end and direct roving, dry chopped strand and glass fiber mat products.

‘EuCIA strongly believes that sustainability and the circular economy are key to the future development of the composites industry,’ said EuCIA’s president, Roberto Frassine. ‘Glass fiber is the most widely used reinforcement for composites and this valuable new data from GlassFiberEurope represents the state of the art of the glass fiber industry.’

To use the calculator, go here.

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