Econcore at JEC show

EconCore plans to present the results of the tests it has been performing on honeycombs made of modified polycarbonates, polyamide 66 and polyphenylene sulphide at the JEC show, taking place from 6–8 March in Paris, France.

The company says that it is targeting new application developments in markets of automotive, aerospace, transportation, packaging, and building and construction. ‘Last year, EconCore signed license agreements with several market leaders and concluded some very exciting product developments with key partners,’ said Tomasz Czarnecki, COO of EconCore. These include Armageddon Energy’s lightweight photovoltaic panel with a PA honeycomb core (which picked up a JEC Innovation Award in June), as well as an aircraft interior module with improved FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) properties, which EconCore developed with Diehl Aircabin.

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