Dow Venture Capital invests in Blade Dynamics Ltd

Founded in 2007, Blade Dynamics, located on the Isle of Wight in the UK, has developed wind turbine blade technologies designed to increase the efficiency and performance of the turbines, while also reducing costs.

Blade Dynamics' product development efforts centre on high-performance composite structures that allow turbine rotors to be lighter and improve aerodynamics. The company has also developed Bladeskyn®, a surface material that is reported to extend the lifetime and significantly lower life cycle costs for turbine blades.

Blade Dynamics expects that its technology will enable the development of rotors that are approximately 200 m in diameter.

“Blade Dynamics has developed unique and proprietary structural designs and manufacturing methods aimed at overcoming critical barriers that are facing today’s wind industry,” claims Blade Dynamics founder and CEO Paul Rudling. “Utilising advanced manufacturing processes, innovative structural designs, proven composite materials and our advanced Bladeskyn surface coatings, our wind turbine blades provide compelling performance and efficiency advantages for wind turbine manufacturers.”

Dow Chemical Company's Venture Capital group invests in promising start-up companies in North America, Europe and Asia, supporting its portfolio with capital, technology and a global network of potential development partners. 

“Dow believes Blade Dynamics’ technology has the potential to significantly improve the performance of wind power generation and transform the industry,” says Monty Bayer, global business director, Dow Ventures & Business Development, Licensing and Venture Capital. “This investment is another example of Dow’s commitment to supporting and accelerating the development of innovative technologies and alternative energy solutions.”

High power wind turbines

American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC), a power technologies company, has also established a minority equity position in Blade Dynamics.

“The design and manufacturing processes for wind turbine blades have remained fundamentally unchanged for 20 years,” says AMSC founder and CEO Greg Yurek. “Today, however, the market is migrating to higher wind turbine power ratings. Onshore wind turbines now exceed 2 MW in many locations, and offshore wind farm developers are increasingly seeking wind turbines with power ratings exceeding 5 MW. Blade Dynamics presents us – and the entire wind industry – with a game-changing wind turbine blade technology that enhances performance and reduces weight and cost for high power wind turbines.”

New US manufacturing facility

The State of Louisiana has announced that Louisiana Economic Development (LED) has agreed to provide an incentive package to help Blade Dynamics establish a new manufacturing facility in New Orleans.

The plant will be located on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Michoud Assembly Facility and is expected to add hundreds of new jobs to the local economy over the next few years.

Renewable energy and green manufacturing is one of Louisiana's target growth industries.

“By recruiting Blade Dynamics and its revolutionary wind power technologies to Louisiana, we are creating hundreds of high-paying new jobs in New Orleans while diversifying the economy of this region,” said Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal. “Today’s announcement marks a big step forward for Louisiana into renewable energy and green manufacturing that will help us continue to grow our economy."