DoE awards over US$119m for energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes

“This funding will provide an important boost for state economies, help put Americans back to work, and move us toward energy independence,” says Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “It reflects our commitment to support innovative state and local strategies to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy while insisting that taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly.”

The Recovery Act set aside US$3.1 billion to the State Energy Program (SEP) to help promote energy efficiency and clean deployment, as well as to support local economic recovery.

See table at bottom of page for details on each state's energy efficiency and renewable energy plans.



Funding allocated Energy efficiency Renewable Energy Other Total funding if successful
Alabama US$22,228,000 v
  • Low-interest loans for new and existing industries
American Samoa US$7,420,000 v
  • 1 MW solar PV array near Tafuna Power Station
  • 19, 28 kW solar roof arrays on government and other buildings
  • Solar water heating system for LBJ Tropical Medical Center
  • Measure and quantify the territory's wind potential
District of Columbia US$8,808,800 v
  • Renewable energy into science and math lesson plans for school children
  • Public energy education initiatives
Illinois US$40,528,400 v
  • Grants for new biomass manufacturing or retrofits to existing facilities
Maryland US$20,708,880 v
  • Increase availability of alternative fuels
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Deployment of hybrid-electric and all-electric vehicles
North Dakota US$9,834,000 v
  • Rebate programme for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  •  Energy efficiency and conservation education for agricultural and industrial sectors
Wyoming US$9,976,400 v
  • Rebates of up to US$5000 to homeowners for renewable energy such as PV, wind, geothermal
  • Expects over 500 renewable energy systems to be installed