Diab Americas starts in-house kitting

Diab Americas is investing in new 5-axis CNC equipment to meet the increasing demand for kitted parts in Diab’s structural foam cores Divinycell.

Demand comes especially from the aerospace industry, subsea and other advanced applications, the company says.

Kits eliminate the on-site shaping and cutting of flat sheets, allowing for reduced build times and decreased costs for both labor and material. In addition, with the easy assembly and exact fit, it is possible to achieve consistently high quality in less time. Minimized waste and reduced material stocks decrease the impact on the environment.  Prevously, Diab made kits in-house in different locations worldwide, which in the past also included the Americas. ‘It is time to start up this business again. The investment is the first in a series,’ says Per-Erik Velin, executive vice president Diab Americas.  Diab Americas is also investing in technology to reprocess material from Divinycell F production. Since it is possible to recycle Divinycell F, it is beneficial to manufacture kits close to the production of the core.  ‘The new CNC machining, complements our existing thermoforming of small and larger foam core panels,’ said Lennart Thalin, executive vice president sales & segments. ‘This can make the kitting even more cost efficient.’

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