Covestro joins plastic waste alliance

Polymer company Covestro says that it has joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW). The US$1 billion+ alliance aims to better manage and minimize litter especially in the oceans, while promoting meaningful post-use solutions for plastic. It currently comprises about 30 companies from the chemical, plastics, consumer goods and waste industries.

‘At Covestro we are convinced plastics are far too valuable to end up in the environment. All waste should be regarded as a resource,’ said CEO Dr Markus Steilemann. ‘We believe this alliance is a significant step to drive innovation, develop strategic partnerships and mature waste-to-value concepts into economically viable sustainable solutions.’

The company reportedly already works to ensure that as little plastic waste as possible enters waterways and the environment and is part of the Operation Clean Sweep global initiative which aims to prevent plastic pellets leak from production sites or along their handling routes.

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