Conference focuses on benefits of sandwich panels

Honeycomb panel specialist Thermhex says that over 100 delegates attended its composite sandwich conference held in Germany at the end of May.

The conference, held jointly with Fraunhofer IMWS, covered the sandwich technology for airframe and interiors, thermoplastic sandwich composites, the design of composite sandwiches for train car body shells, automated fiber placement for sandwich parts in helicopters, and multi-scale modelling and the future of the composite sandwich technology.

According to the company, the construction of sandwich materials based on fiber-reinforced plastics helps make more lightweight structures. Using sustainable sandwich material also reduces weight and CO2 footprints.  

“The conference enabled a very productive exchange and brought many new insights, for example on the need for cost-efficient composite sandwich structures and their processing by automated production methods, the reliability of the components produced with them, or even new possible applications for sandwich technology,” said Dr Ralf Schlimper, project manager at Fraunhofer IMWS.