Composites UK to develop industry database

The database was founded by Composites UK alongside the National Composites Centre, in conjunction with the Composites Leadership Forum, as a response to the UK Composites Strategy.

The Hub is for every company and organisation in the UK Composites Industry. We are encouraging every company who works in the composites supply chain to take part in this.
Mark Humphrey, Industry Data Officer, Composites UK

The Hub Database will be used to build a more accurate picture of the UK composites industry, generate industry statistics, inform the strategic direction for the industry and benefit individual companies by directing business opportunities to them.

The Hub will have two parts:

  • free, publicly available information which will enable people to search for companies providing a particular service; and
  • private, anonymous information which will be used to build a more accurate view of the industry as a whole.

The Hub is free to join. A questionnaire is available for interested companies. Contact