Composite UK welcomes Net Zero initiatives

The chairman of Composites UK, Alan Banks, has reportedly welcomed new government initiatives for promoting affordable and renewable energy sources in the UK.

This follows the creation of a new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero which aims at “delivering security of energy supply, ensuring properly functioning energy markets, encouraging greater energy efficiency and seizing the opportunities of net zero to lead the world in new green industries”, according to government press release.

“Composites UK has been very active in the Net Zero proposals for the UK and our stance is that achieving Net-Zero in the UK requires an integrated approach, which must include a robust advanced materials strategy – and that a Net Zero economy is just not possible without a strong and resilient UK composites industry,” said Banks.

The trade organization is planning an inaugural Parliamentary Reception in May to promote the use of composite materials in improving sustainability.

“We will work tirelessly on our members behalf to actively influence government strategy via Composites UK and the Composites Leadership Forum to demonstrate that working together with a cohesive strategy will not only enable our government’s goals but also allow the UK manufacturing and research facilities to flourish,” added Banks.