Componeering releases new version of ESAComp composite design software

ESAComp 4.1 screen shot.
ESAComp 4.1 screen shot.

ESAComp software for the analysis and design of composite structures focuses on the conceptual and preliminary designs stages. ESAComp features a database for material properties and offers integration with other simulation tools used during the design process. The new ESAComp 4.1 release extends all these capabilities.

For the design of structural elements, the new ESAComp version introduces a finite element-based analysis for curved plates. Hat stiffeners can now be defined for plates along with the beam-type stiffeners available previously. The pre-dimensioning of stiffened composite structures is an example of where ESAComp speeds up the design process whilst achieving better optimised structures, notes Componeering Inc.

There is also a new add-on module for cylindrical structures for the design of pressure vessels, pipes and shafts. For stiffened cylindrical structures, an add-on developed to meet the demands of the aerospace industry is now available.

For integration with finite element software, ESAComp now has an interface to ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP). For more detailed structural modelling, the material data and laminate lay-ups designed within ESAComp are exported to ACP. Throughout the design iterations, data can be exchanged between ACP and ESAComp.