Closed loop process nominated for innovation award

A mold and fin made with recycleable epoxy.
A mold and fin made with recycleable epoxy.

Cobra International and Aditya Birla Chemicals, which makes epoxy resins, have jointly developed a closed loop composite manufacturing process.

As part of the process, Cobra integrates Aditya Birla’s Recyclamine recyclable epoxy resin systems into its series production of water sports components and re-uses the recovered reinforcement fabrics and thermoplastic polymers produced by recycling of the thermoset composite.

The companies are making use of Aditya Birla’s Epotec YDL5552-THR9351 recyclable epoxy systems to infuse watersports fin molds and Epotec YDL5540-THR9151 recyclable epoxy resin transfer molding (RTM) system to produce components. The companies are now focusing on scaling up the recycling infrastructure.  

The process has been selected as a finalist for the 2020 JEC Innovation awards.

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