Braided fabrics for aircraft interiors use carbon reinforced PPS tapes

PPS/carbon fibre preform.
PPS/carbon fibre preform.

A&P Technology, Cincinnati, USA, is currently qualifying the tape for use in aircraft interior components and an automotive application.

It is claimed that the use of carbon reinforced PPS tape allows the production of cost effective, braided performs that offer much faster cycle times than would be the case with thermoset resin systems.

“Fortron PPS is an ideal for applications where parts need to be moulded in a few minutes," according to Michael R. Favaloro, Ticona Technical Marketing - Fortron Composites. "Unlike a thermoset-based system, it is also recyclable, requires much less energy to process and contains no volatile organic compounds.”

“We see new expanding opportunities for Fortron in applications such as airframe/wing structures, seat frames, structural stiffeners, window frames and floor panels where it can help reduce cost and weight without sacrificing strength and stability,” he adds.

Manufactured by Ticona (the engineering polymers business of Celanese Corporation), Fortron is a semi-crystalline polymer that meets the fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) required for aircraft interiors. Ticona maintains that Fortron also offers high temperature performance (up to 240°C), resistance to aircraft fluids and excellent hardness, stiffness and dimensional stability.