Borealis and Borouge tailor Fibremod for Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type IP carrier and airbag chute are made using Borealis Fibremod grades. (Picture © Borealis.)
The Jaguar F-Type IP carrier and airbag chute are made using Borealis Fibremod grades. (Picture © Borealis.)

The Fibremod family of engineered short (SGF) and long glass fibre (LGF) compounds was officially launched in September 2013. Borealis says that its proprietary LGF process technology makes it possible to tailor highly engineered polypropylene (PP) grades in order to meet the individual customer projects.

In developing the instrument panel (IP) carrier for its Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar and its Tier One supplier, Dräxlmaier, sought a material solution that would deliver high stiffness and good impact performance, without compromising other key requirements such as dimensional stability.

It was imperative that the materials selected contributed to overall vehicle weight reduction and competitive system costs.

Working with the Tier One supplier, Borealis developed a dilution system based on 50% Fibremod GB601HP and 50% BE677AI, yielding a PP-LGF 30% with a well-defined performance profile for the IP carrier. This LGF-reinforced PP solution delivers the highest processing and end-use performance, while at the same time it contributes to lower weight and overall system costs.

The Jaguar F-Type airbag chute is made of ready-to-use Fibremod GB303HP, a 30% LGF-reinforced PP which features good impact, high stiffness and optimal processing properties.

Borealis and Borouge have also developed surface aesthetics solutions for the automotive industry, including updated grades for tiger stripe-free surfaces, moulded-in colour as well as primerless two-layer paintability solutions.

One of these solutions to be highlighted at VDI Mannheim from 2-3 April is the upgraded thermoplastic olefin (TPO) Daplen EE250AI, used for instrument panels and other automotive applications to help achieve tiger stripe-free surfaces. Tiger stripes are flow mark issues caused by converting processes which can lead to both exterior and interior surface defects. Through laboratory research and joint testing with partners, Borealis says that it has developed a new PP matrix used in compounds which will help avoid tiger stripes within a very broad processing window.

The Daplen EF150HP grade is the successor to one of the first breakthrough moulded in colour solutions for body panels, ED230HP. Moulded in colour solutions make cost reductions possible by eliminating the number of painting cycles required.