Book focuses on modern adhesion

Fraunhofer IFAM and European adhesives institute FEICA have published a new book about new adhesive bonding techniques.

The free book, entitled ‘Adhesive Bonding Technology in the 21st Century – Synergy of Technological and Ecological Potentials’ is written by Professors Dr Bernd Mayer and Dr Andreas Groß, both based at Fraunhofer.  

Its aim is to “provide a comprehensive view of the adhesive and sealant industry in terms of its applications, technologies, innovations and trends”, the materials institute said.

According to FEICA, the European adhesive and sealant industry makes a significant contribution to the European economy (€17 bn), number of employees in the industry (more than 45,000), and market share (almost 35% of the global market). Using adhesives and sealants could make production more energy and material efficient, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.