Biotech webinar

AIMPLAS has organized a webinar covering the use of biotechnology in the plastics sector.

The event, taking place from 1-2 March 2022 will cover the use of organic waste to obtain new plastics, enzymatic recycling processes for plastics, the role of biotechnology in recovering complex waste, and converting plastics industry scrap into usable resources.

The seminar, which is sponsored by Novamont, also includes a discussion of the EU’s Bio Innovation of a

Circular Economy for Plastics (BioICEP) project. BiolCEP’s aim according to AIMPLAS is to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional petroleum-based plastics. It is now

designing an three-part process consisting of mechanical and biochemical disintegration, biocatalytic digestion with enzymes, and microbial consortia to accelerate degradation of traditional plastic and turn it into biopolymers and bioproducts that can be used as a natural biodegradable replacement for plastics.