BASF invests in chemical recycling

BASF has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with waste management services Quantafuel and Remondis to invest in the chemical recycling of plastic waste.

Plans are for the companies to install a pyrolysis plant for plastic waste supplied by Remondis and for BASF to use the resulting pyrolysis oil as feedstock in its production. Quantafuel will provide the technology and operate the plant.

According to BASF,  almost 20 million metric tons of plastic waste in Europe go unrecycled, and by establishing chemical recycling as a complementary solution to mechanical recycling it is possible to bring back more plastic waste into the materials cycle, which would otherwise be incinerated.

‘BASF has set itself the goal to process 250,000 metric tons of recycled feedstock annually from 2025 onwards,’ said Dr Lars Kissau, SVP at BASF. ‘In this regard, it is important to use feedstock derived from plastic waste that would otherwise not have undergone recycling,’.

‘In order to achieve the sustainability objectives set by the European Union in its visionary Green Deal, it is essential to increase recycling quotas wherever technically and economically feasible,’ added Jürgen Ephan, MD of Remondis.

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