Award for polymer adhesives

Canadian materials company XlynX Materials has received an innovation award for its polymer adhesive products.

XlynX received the award for its development of universal covalent adhesives for use with low surface energy polymers (LSE) polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

According to the company, these polymers can be resistant to gluing, layering, coating, and dyeing applications. XlynX adhesives are made of reactive compounds that can chemically insert themselves into these unreactive polymer surfaces, making LSE easier to use with adhesives or coatings, the company said.

The compounds, called BondLynx and PlastiLynx are activated by either moderate heat or UV/Vis light and can works as adhesives, primers,and textile strengtheners, according to XlynX. In lap shear tests, the strength of bonds between LSE polymers glued together with traditional, store-bought adhesives have reportedly increased by as much as 950% when primed with XlynX’s compounds.

“We were first to develop a crosslinking molecular adhesive for this kind of use with commodity polymers, and we aim to remain a leader in this innovative field of diazirine chemistry,” said iiventor and scientific advisor, Dr Jeremy Wulff.

The company won at the Adhesion and Sealants Council (ASC) Convention and Exposition which took place in Louisiana, USA.