Ashland introduces Pliogrip acrylic adhesives in Europe

Pliogrip 1000-series acrylic structural adhesives are designed for manufacturers of boats, cars, trucks and buses for bonding a variety of substrates, including fibre reinforced plastics (FRP), gel-coats, aluminium and steel. Ashland claims the adhesives deliver performance advantages, including improved shear strength and sag resistance, when compared to competitive technologies.

In marine applications, Pliogrip 1000 10:1 acrylic adhesives are designed for high-performance stringer and deck-to-hull bonding of FRP and gel-coat surfaces. With long 'open times', that can give manufacturers more than 120 minutes, and high body and gap-filling properties, Pliogrip 1000 acrylic adhesives can replace traditional use of 'glassing-in' techniques and bonding paste, Ashland says. This can result in significant time savings during the construction process.

For general purpose applications in transportation, and building and construction, Pliogrip 1000 acrylic adhesives provide exceptional bonding performance on FRP, aluminium, stainless steel and other substrates. With very low sag and fast fixture times, they are said to be ideal for smaller jobs requiring high-strength bonds on bare metal with minimal surface preparation.

“Ashland’s Pliogrip 1000-series adhesives have higher elongation and flexibility, as well as better fatigue and strength-build properties when compared to competitive technologies," says John Baetz, global product manager, Pliogrip adhesives. "The use of Pliogrip 1000-series adhesives also eliminates the need for sanding and other surface preparation prior to bonding.”

Ashland Performance Materials, a unit of Ashland Inc (NYSE: ASH), is a global producer of unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy vinyl ester resins. It also provides gel-coats, and pressure-sensitive and structural adhesives.