Anniversary for foam process

Cannon Viking, which makes polyurethane (PU) foams, says that its manufacturing process is 30 years old.

The CarDio system is reportedly a patented eco-friendly process that uses liquid carbon dioxide to make low and high density PU foams.

 “There was a persuasive, and growing need at the time to ban halogenated blowing agents and other volatile organic compounds from the production of expanded PU foams,” said Jonathan Rayner, sales director at Cannon Viking. “Numerous advantages characterized carbon dioxide which has zero ozone depletion potential and an extremely low global warming potential, is inexpensive, non-toxic and does not consume isocyanates when reacting, contrary to water, offering significant cost savings, but it was very difficult to control in a formulation at room temperature as it expands three times more than existing blowing agents.”

The process was developed by foam specialists Tony Griffiths and the late Carlo Fiorentini who developed a reaction process to reduce the turbulent expansion of the foam generated by CO2 that stays liquid only above 5.2 bar (754 psi), and designed equipment to overcome and control pressure, difficult mixing behavior and distribution, the company said.