AnalySwift partners with Altran in wind turbine blade design software

AnalySwift adds that its VABS and PreVABS software will play a key role in combination with other optimisation and mathematical tools developed in-house by Altran as part of their new optimisation code.

Altran’s code, a generalistic tool, is based on aerodynamic and structural calculations. Still under development, it will include an optimisation loop to modify structural pre-design. The code will address aerodynamics, structural modeling, and optimisation of emerging wind turbine blades. AnalySwift’s VABS and PreVABS software will interface with and complement Altran’s code.

VABS, now in version 3.7, enables rigorous modeling of complex composite slender structures (commonly called beams), such as wind turbine blades, helicopter rotor blades, propellers, wing sections, and bridges. PreVABS is a design-driven preprocessor to VABS.