Alcan Composites upgrades AIREX® T90 PET core material

Alcan Composites says that the new AIREX T90 core material exhibits improved mechanical properties. These include:

  • an improvement in damage tolerance, from 2.5% to 10%; and
  • a 30% increase in shear strength;

AIREX T90 is also reported to exhibit high temperature performance, exceptional fatigue resistance, compatibility with all commonly used resins, and recyclability.

The new AIREX T90 product has been certified according to relevant FST standards like NF, DIN, FAR, and tests have shown that the new core material can also comply with CEN TS 45’545 given the appropriate sandwich core material design.

AIREX T90 PET-based core material was first introduced in 2005. Alcan Composites introduced the second generataion of its PET core materials, increased damage tolerant AIREX T92, in March this year.

Alcan Composites Core Materials is part of Alcan Composites, which was recently acquired by Schweiter Technologies, a Swiss-based holding company listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.