Airbus opens new ZEROe Development Center in Germany for hydrogen technologies

Airbus is strengthening its presence in Germany with the opening of a ZEROe Development Centre (ZEDC) for hydrogen technologies at its Stade site.

The centre will accelerate the development of composite hydrogen-system technologies for storing and distributing cryogenic liquid hydrogen.

A priority for the Stade ZEDC is the development of cost-competitive lightweight hydrogen systems (eg cryogenic hydrogen tank) in composites. The technology development will cover the product and industrial capabilities from elementary parts, assembly and the manufacturing-related testing of the liquid hydrogen (LH2) composite tanks. The tank development is coordinated with the other Airbus national entities.

“Establishing a composite related ZEDC in Germany strengthens our research & technology footprint in the country and ensures the involvement, from the start, of leading  experts to support our decarbonisation ambition. Furthermore, the ZEDC will benefit from the wider composite research and development ecosystem such as the Airbus subsidiary Composite Technology Center (CTC GmbH), the CFK NORD in Stade as well as from further synergies from space and maritime activities”, said Sabine Klauke, Airbus chief technical officer.

The ZEDC in Stade is supported by public fundings (eg LuFo, Lower Saxony funding and others) and will also be linked to the planned Innovation and Technology Center Hydrogen (ITZ) in Northern Germany to realise the potential of hydrogen technology and contribute to the decarbonisation of the aviation industry.