3B reinforcement optimised for epoxy wind turbine blade manufacture

Advantex® SE2020 is a single-end roving engineered for epoxy systems used in resin infusion or prepreg processes.

Whereas, 3B reports, multi-compatible reinforcements are commonly used with different resin systems such as epoxy, unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester, 3B has developing proprietary sizing technology focused on epoxy.

Compared to conventional materials in the market, 3B claims that Advantex SE2020 offers better wet-out (and therefore a more consistent laminate quality), significantly improved resin matrix adhesion (which delivers higher shear strength), and substantially greater interfibre strength. This, together with the resulting enhanced fatigue performance, will help designers improve the performance of existing blades and create the 'next generation' of epoxy wind turbine blades.

“Aligned with our strategy to be the wind energy solution provider, 3B has been continuously analysing the market to better understand the challenges confronting the entire value chain," comments Onur Tokgoz, 3B Wind Energy Global Business Leader.

"Our company has put tremendous R&D efforts in developing and combining new reinforcements with precise sizing technology to respond to the needs of the industry.”

Although Advantex SE2020 roving has been designed for epoxy resin applications in the wind energy market, 3B says its properties will also make it of interest to other epoxy composite applications such as pressure vessels, pipes, and blades for tidal turbine.