3A Composites Core Materials launches AIREX T92.200

AIREX T92 cored Horizon yacht.
AIREX T92 cored Horizon yacht.

AIREX T92.200 is designed to meet the needs of very highly loaded applications and features very high strength and stiffness as well as excellent fatigue resistance. It is also reported to be extremely resistant to both high temperatures and chemicals and yet remain thermoformable.

3A Composites says the T92.200 core material is suitable for structures requiring very high mechanical properties such as floors in automotive applications, transoms and bulkheads in boats, and highly loaded areas in wind turbine blades.

“Our customers now have a very extensive range of densities – and therefore performance levels – of AIREX T92 to perfectly meet each application’s very specific requirements,” reports Philipp Angst, Product Manager of Airex AG.

3A Composites Core Materials is a division of Schweiter Technologies AG of Switzerland.