€1 million grant to improve carbon fiber

SGL delegates receiving the government grant.
SGL delegates receiving the government grant.

SGL Group has received funds of just under €1 million from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to develop an improved carbon fiber for thermoplastic applications.

The research project linked to the funding, MAI CaFeE (Carbon Fiber with enhanced Elongation), was launched in April 2015 and will run until June 2017. Its goal is the development of carbon fiber with significantly increased elongation and an improved surface structure adapted to the existing sizing system. The developments of the MAI polymer project, one of SGL Group’s existing projects in the leading-edge cluster MAI Carbon, will be used as a basis for the MAI CaFeE project.

SGL is working with the University of Augsburg and the BMW Group to develop the carbon fiber. For example, the Chair for Experimental Physics II at the University of Augsburg will assist in analyzing the structure and properties of the new fiber and it will be tested by the BMW Group.

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