Corporate profile: Reinforced Plastics – the voice of the composites industry worldwide

A selection of magazine covers, including that from the very first issue in 1956 (far left).
A selection of magazine covers, including that from the very first issue in 1956 (far left).
Reinforced Plastics' readership is truly global, as this regional breakdown of the magazine's circulation shows.
Reinforced Plastics' readership is truly global, as this regional breakdown of the magazine's circulation shows.
Refocus magazine covers the renewable energy sector.
Refocus magazine covers the renewable energy sector.
Reinforced Plastics China was launched in 2005.
Reinforced Plastics China was launched in 2005.
The Reinforced Plastics International Buyers' Guide is an annual publication.
The Reinforced Plastics International Buyers' Guide is an annual publication.
The new-look Reinforced Plastics website went live in January 2007.
The new-look Reinforced Plastics website went live in January 2007.
RP Asia 2005 took place in Bangkok, Thailand.
RP Asia 2005 took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

The first issue of Reinforced Plastics was published in September 1956 by a small London-based publisher. The magazine's objectives were outlined as: ‘to find new applications for reinforced plastics by introducing the material to manufacturers and designers in many fields outside the plastics industry, and to publish information on moulding techniques, materials and equipment.’ These objectives still form the backbone of the magazine's strategy today.

At the end of 1989, Elsevier, the well known publisher of scientific, technical and medical information, acquired Reinforced Plastics. The magazine was re-launched with a new look and a plan to strengthen its international coverage and readership.

Elsevier developed Reinforced Plastics into a controlled circulation magazine. This means that only readers who fit strict criteria qualify to receive a free copy of the magazine every month. In 1997 the magazine obtained its first audit statement from BPA International (now BPA Worldwide). This independent audit process verifies the magazine's circulation figures – number of readers, their distribution by country, their job function, and the market sectors in which they work. This information is valuable for advertisers in the magazine as it enables them to see exactly where their investment is going. Our circulation is 100% requested (all our readers are named individuals; we do not sent copies to mailing lists) and all readers are asked to update their information every year so that our database is as up-to-date as possible.

Our qualified circulation is set to reach 20 000 in 2007.

Reed Elsevier

Reinforced Plastics is one of several magazines published by Elsevier. Other titles include Refocus, the international renewable energy magazine, and Plastics Additives & Compounding, the only global magazine dedicated to compounders, masterbatchers and users of plastics additives. Elsevier also publishes the leading composites journals Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, and Composites Part B: Engineering.

Elsevier is part of the Reed Elsevier group, a leading global publisher of information for professional users in the science and medical, legal, education and business sectors. Reed Elsevier employs approximately 36 500 people in over 200 locations worldwide.

Innovation and development

In January 2005 we introduced a digital edition of Reinforced Plastics which readers can choose to receive in place of a printed copy. Readers are sent an e-mail containing a link to a website address where the magazine can be viewed and printed. For readers, this ensures faster delivery of the magazine (no postal delays) and offers additional functionality (searching, direct links to websites and e-mail addresses etc). We are the first composites magazine to offer a digital version of its publication.

In 2004, in response to demand from the Chinese composites industry for information from the global market, we published a Chinese-language supplement of the magazine. The success of this led to the launch of Reinforced Plastics China, a regular magazine for the Chinese industry. There will be four issues of Reinforced Plastics China in 2007.

We also publish an annual Buyers' Guide, listing suppliers and manufacturers of composites materials, processing equipment and products around the world.

Environmental activity

Reed Elsevier is committed to reducing its environmental impact, whenever possible, by limiting resource use and by efficiently employing sustainable materials and technologies. Reinforced Plastics has therefore changed the paper it uses to Colbrite Gloss, which is manufactured from ECF pulp produced from renewable forest resources. In 2007 we will switch to the use of a water-based varnish on our covers. Reinforced Plastics' digital editions also reduce our use of paper. Reed Elsevier's environmental policy and objectives are available on the Reed Elsevier website.

Online and electronic media

Reinforced Plastics has developed its products and services in line with the growing use of the internet and e-mail. Our Reinforced Plastics Weekly e-mail newsletter is now received by around 18 500 each week. Our website receives nearly 17 000 unique visitors per month. In January 2007, we re-launched our website, making it easier to navigate, and quicker for our visitors to find the information they need. The new-look site features sections dedicated to specific areas of interest, including automotive, aerospace, boat building and consumer products. Visitors are able to move between features, business news, and product news – all with one click.

Bespoke publishing services

Digital conversion of corporate literature

Printing and distributing high quality corporate literature is expensive and not energy efficient. We have been publishing Reinforced Plastics in digital form for two years and we can now make this state-of-the-art technology available to companies so that they can also benefit from its many advantages: no distribution costs, so send it to as many people as you like; fully searchable; viewable offline; incorporate video and/or audio presentations; include dynamic flash-based imagery. We can create an exciting interactive publication that does not harm the planet and all at an affordable price.

Corporate profiles

This feature is an example of a Corporate Profile. Are you celebrating a significant milestone or announcing a new structure within your company? Then Reinforced Plastics' Corporate Profiles offers you maximum impact in order to get your message over loud and clear. They are also incredibly good value for money and include: four pages of editorial; a full-page advert; placement on our website for a year, with links; and full support from our editorial and design team to ensure the highest professional finish.

E-Review Plus

This service is an opportunity to send a tailored e-mail message from your organisation direct to our readers.


Do you wish to host an online event such as a technical sales presentation or perhaps a global conference for your customers and staff? Speak to us as we can provide the solution.

Special Supplements

We are pleased to work with companies to produce special supplements that would be enhanced by incorporating our brand and licensed content. In 2007 we are already contracted to produce the COMPOSITES & RP ASIA and COMPOSITES EUROPE show catalogues.


Reinforced Plastics recognised the growing importance of the Asian composites market early on and in 1997 launched the first RP Asia conference and exhibition in Singapore. This was followed by five more events in various locations in South East Asia.


September 1956: First issue of Reinforced Plastics published by Craftsman Publications, London

September 1973: McDonald Publications of London Ltd takes over as publisher

December 1989: Elsevier acquires Reinforced Plastics

1997: Magazine receives its first BPA circulation audit

September 1997: Reinforced Plastics holds its first RP Asia event in Singapore

September 1998: RP Asia 1998 in Singapore

September 2000: RP Asia 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

September 2002: RP Asia 2002 in Kuala Lumpur

2003: E-mail newsletter introduced

August 2004: Chinese-language supplement published

September 2004: RP Asia 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand

January 2005: Digital edition of magazine introduced

June 2005: Reinforced Plastics China, a quarterly Chinese-language magazine, launched

September 2005: RP Asia 2005 in Bangkok

September 2006: Reinforced Plastics is the media sponsor of the first COMPOSITES EUROPE tradeshow in Essen, Germany

January 2007: redesigned

Reinforced Plastics has already successfully collaborated with Reed Exhibitions on the launch of a new tradeshow for the European composites industry. The first COMPOSITES EUROPE event took place in Germany in 2006. COMPOSITES EUROPE 2007 will be held in Stuttgart on 6-8 November 2007. Reinforced Plastics is the official media sponsor of COMPOSITES EUROPE and publishes the show catalogue.

The future

In 2007, we'll be increasing the magazine's circulation to 20 000 and expanding circulation of the digital edition. In line with the higher emphasis on environmental issues around the world, our editorial features will include a focus on the environmental policies and activities of the composites industry and its key players.

In January 2007, we launched our re-designed website which has new features and services designed to make it easier for readers to find the information they need. In addition, we'll be investigating ways of using the latest internet technologies, such as webcasts and podcasts, to disseminate information and news.

Meet the team

Amanda Jacob Editor Tel: +44-(0)1865-843638 Amanda joined Elsevier in 1992, initially writing and editing a variety of technical/business newsletters and magazines in the advanced materials area before moving on to Reinforced Plastics as Deputy Editor in 1997. She has been the magazine's Editor since 1998. Amanda has a BSc in Applied Physics.

Mark Sherman Key Account Manager Tel: +44-(0)1865-843208 Mark joined Elsevier and Reinforced Plastics in 2001 and became a Key Account Manager for Reinforced Plastics and Plastics Additives & Compounding in 2006. He previously worked for Rohm & Haas in several international locations as a quality engineer for 16 years, in media sales on various global B2B publications in London for 5 years, and as a quality and international marketing consultant. Mark has an Honorary BA in Native American Culture.

Naomi Reeves Sales Manager Tel: +44-(0)1865-843271 Naomi has worked on Reinforced Plastics since 2002, when she joined Elsevier. Initially working as an administrator, in 2004 she joined the sales team and took over the ‘Product Finder’ section on a range of titles. Naomi has been Sales Manager on Reinforced Plastics and its sister magazine Plastics Additives and Compounding since 2006.

Laurence Zipson Publisher & Commercial Director Tel: +44-(0)1865-3685 Laurence joined Elsevier in January 2000 with 20 years experience in B2B publishing. In June 2006 he was promoted to Publisher and Commercial Director for five business publications, including Reinforced Plastics. Since taking over these titles he has been focusing on the development of electronic publishing solutions. He is looking forward to meeting Reinforced Plastics' customers in order to better understand their businesses and marketing strategies so that he and the team can continue to partner them to achieve these goals.

Office address: Elsevier Ltd, The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1GB, UK Fax: +44-(0)1865-843973 E-mail: