If you are interested in writing/submitting articles to Reinforced Plastics please read the following guidelines.

Who are our readers?

Reinforced Plastics provides business and technology information to the global polymer composites (fibre reinforced plastics) industry.

Our readers include:

  • designers of composite parts;
  • manufacturers and distributors of composite parts and products;
  • end-users of composites parts; 
  • suppliers of materials, equipment and services to the composites industry; and
  • consultants and researchers.

We cover all industrial markets for composites, including: aerospace; automotive; building & construction; boat building; corrosion-resistant equipment; military/defence; sports; and wind energy.

(Find out more about Reinforced Plastics' circulation here.)

What are our products?

Our primary product is our website ReinforcedPlastics.com.

A selection of stories from the website is published in our weekly e-mail newsletter, which is sent to over 20,000 readers (see the most recent issue of the newsletter here).

We also publish a bi-monthly magazine (pictured), which is sent to 20,000 readers (see the latest issue of the magazine here).

What types of articles do we accept?

  • Press releases We welcome relevant press releases, but we receive hundreds each month, so to have the best chance of getting your release published we recommend you read this blog post: How to get a press release published. Please remember to include a relevant picture if possible. Deadline: no deadline, submit when ready. Submit to: RP@elsevier.com  
  • Feature articles We also publish in-depth feature articles from various sources – Reinforced Plastics staff, freelance journalists, composites industry experts. We realise that many industry experts come from companies selling products and technology. If you are writing a technical article for us, we are happy for you to briefly incorporate the name of products, as long as the article is not a sales pitch and provides objective value to our readership. For features published in the magazine, we do require a form of copyright and ask that the article is not published elsewhere unless agreed with the Editor. If you are interested in publishing a feature article, as a first step please send us a short e-mail summarising the content of the proposed article. (You can read our guidelines for feature articles here.) Word count: typically 1500-2500 words. Deadline: as agreed with the Editor. Submit to: RP@elsevier.com  
  • Case studies Case studies about new products, technologies and projects are particularly interesting for our readers. Please send the case study directly to us, or contact us to discuss the topic before submission. Word count: 750-1400 words. Deadline: no deadline (unless agreed with the Editor). Submit to: RP@elsevier.com  
  • Interviews Reinforced Plastics is always interested in conducting interviews with industry experts. There are several formats of interview. Please contact the Editor to discuss further.  
  • Blogs/comment Blogs are a more informal way of sharing opinion/comment with our readers. Please read our guidelines for Guest Blogs here.

Regular contributors

We are also interested in talking to people who would like to become regular Guest Bloggers or regional/technology experts. Please contact the Editor with an outline of your expertise if you are interested.

Will I get paid for my writing?

Reinforced Plastics has a small budget for contributions from freelance journalists only, but there are plenty of other reasons to write for us. 

Reinforced Plastics is a well-known and well-respected brand, with a large, engaged global readership. Writing for us, you will gain valuable publicity and authority for yourself and your organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Reinforced Plastics Editorial Team

Blog posted by Amanda Jacob, Editor, Reinforced Plastics.