YouTube is a great source of information, if you have time to search through everything. Here, in no particular order, are my top 5 favourite composites-related videos of the past month.

1. Working with Boeing to recycle carbon fibre composites from aircraft (Nottingham University)

As the amount of carbon fibre composite used in its aircraft continues to increase (the B787 is 50% composite), Boeing wants to find ways of recycling end-of-life aircraft parts and production waste. It's working with University of Nottingham, UK, to develop ways of recycling of carbon fibre composites. This video describes the fluidised bed recycling process and shows a demontrator aircraft seat back produced using recycled carbon fibre.

2. GE Aviation: Mississippi Bound  (AviationWeek)

A look at the manufacture of composite fan platforms for the GENx engine at GE Aviation's Batesville, Mississippi, site.

3. Video about Fiberline and our wind turbine components (FiberlineComposites)

An interview conducted at the EWEA 2012 show, discussing the use of pultruded profiles in rotor blades.

4. Composite Low Cost Ecoscape Housing (21CBTV)

Representatives from Innovative Composites International (ICI) discuss the company's low cost composite housing and its benefits over conventional construction.

5. How It's Made – Carbon Fiber Cello pt1

It seems carbon fibre cellos produce a louder sound than ones made from wood. This video follows the manufacture of a composite cello.