George Marsh

Ballistic composites – protecting the protectors

It seems scarcely credible that thin polymer fibers, bound together in resin, can stop projectiles ranging from a hand-gun bullet to a high-power rifle round, but they can and have done so, saving...

Composites in commercial jets

Boys and girls who decades ago assembled scale-model aeroplanes in plastic are today doing the same for real aircraft at full scale. With composites reaching proportions of up to 50% by weight in the...

Not too late to reorientate?

George Marsh discusses the future of wind energy and how the widespread use of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) will impact Reinforced Plastics.

Carbon cosmetics and cars

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Composite Parts

Carbon transforms wind farm access

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Autoclave liberation gathers pace (part 2)

The search for viable alternatives to autoclaves has been underway for some time. George Marsh assesses where progress has reached and finds that some high profile projects are leading the way.

Reducing gearbox maintenance costs

Wind turbine gearbox failures can result in high repair costs plus lost revenue due to downtime. Even where there are no failures, gearboxes are likely to need overhaul at some stage.

Going radical to get power from the sea

George Marsh looks at some of the latest technologies and tidal power concepts being investigated by companies and research organisations around the world.

New generation offshore wind vessels come on stream

Part 2. George Marsh continues his look at the latest designs of offshore wind farm service vessels coming on stream.

All Energy 2012 preview: Big blades - the Blade Dynamics approach

The new-generation of wind turbines that will operate offshore require very large rotors. George Marsh looks at a different approach to blade design from Blade Dynamics – scaling down as opposed to...