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  • MFG CP chosen as World Trade Centre rebuild supplier
    Molded Fiber Glass Construction Products (MFG CP) contributed to the rebuild of 3 World Trade Center in New York City, partnering with Engineered Devices Corporation (EDC) to supply custom fibreglass column forms, chosen over steel because for their cost saving and ease of use.
  • MFG Texas ships 1000th set of 37 m wind turbine blades
    The Gainesville, Texas, plant of Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG) has celebrated the shipment of its 1000th set of 37 m composite wind turbine blades.
  • MFG Galileo completes US radome installation
    MFG Galileo Composites has completed its installation of four 48 ft composite radomes at the US Air Force’s Cape Canaveral, Kwajalein, Diego Garcia, and Ascension Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF ground stations.


MFG Galileo teams up with MFG Union City

Molded Fiber Glass Galileo will now be known as Molded Fiber Glass Southeast as part of a growth strategy to diversify the product portfolio and open up new markets.

MFG Southeast will focus on high end glass and carbon fibre composites parts for the transportation (military and commercial), water management, construction and renewable energy sectors.

MFG Company was founded in Ashtabula, Ohio, USA, in 1948, and currently comprises 15 entities in the US and Mexico.  


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