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Best practice reference manual for operators of FRP assets

JMC Composites Ltd is producing a new FRP Composite Asset Management Reference Manual for operators of FRP pipes, tanks and structures used within industrial sites and processes.

Compiled by industry experts, including composite consulting engineers James Quinn and Michael Garnish, the manual will consist of a suite of technical documents to assist the operator of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) assets to specify, install, maintain, inspect and repair pipe systems, storage and process tanks and pultruded access structures.

It will be specifically targeted at operators of power stations, water distribution, waste water treatment, chemical process plant, hydro-electric schemes, etc.

The manual will also include a comprehensive introduction to FRP composites, detailing materials, processes and properties of FRP.

There will also be a supplier directory outlining the capabilities, skills and experience of providers of materials, equipment, products and services.

Companies interested in being included in the directory should e-mail:

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