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Lotus F1 adopts Anaglyph's Laminate Tools software

The Lotus Formula One (F1) race team has adopted Anaglyph's Laminate Tools software as its primary tool for the stress-based ply definition of its chassis laminate.

“At Lotus F1 all our engineers constantly strive to improve the performance of the car," explains Steve Diamond, Deputy Head of Stress Department for Lotus F1 Team, which is headquartered in Enstone, UK, and currently fourth in the team competition.

"In the Stress Department our focus is not solely on providing lightweight structures capable of contending with the ever increasing loads due to the relentless aerodynamic development but we must also provide sufficiently stiff structures to improve vehicle handling. To this end, our engineers are required to make many design iterations within the tight deadlines available in order to arrive at an optimised solution.”

"After evaluating Anaglyph's Laminate Tools, we have now adopted this package as our primary tool in the stress based ply definition of our chassis laminate and structurally critical composite components," he continues.

"This software has dramatically reduced laminate analysis turnaround times whilst providing a more optimised FEA process within the demanding timescales and allows for more detailed results interrogation with ease. Together with Anaglyph's excellent customer support the transition to Laminate Tools has been seamless, as well as being fully compatible for bi-directional data exchange with our other established composites design tools."


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