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Park Electrochemical opens expanded aerospace composites facility in Kansas

Park Electrochemical Corp has announced the opening of the major expansion of its composite aerospace materials, parts and assemblies manufacturing and design facility located in Newton, Kansas, USA.

The expanded facility contains approximately 90 000 ft2 of manufacturing, laboratory and office space.

Park has also announced that its Newton, Kansas, subsidiary Park Aircraft Technologies Corp has changed its name to Park Aerospace Technologies Corp (PATC).

The expanded facility offers composite parts design, fabrication and assembly services, in addition to 'build-to-print' services, for the aerospace industry. The expansion includes both oven and autoclave composite parts curing equipment and capability.

As a result of the expansion, PATC is now able to offer to the aerospace industry a full range of composite materials development and manufacturing capabilities, as well as advanced composite parts design, assembly and production capabilities.

Park Electrochemical Corp, an advanced materials company, develops digital and RF/microwave printed circuit materials for the telecommunications and internet infrastructure and high-end computing markets and advanced composite materials, parts and assemblies for the aerospace market.


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