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Embraer and Alcoa to develop aluminium aircraft

Embraer SA and Alcoa have signed a technology sharing agreement that involves the use of Alcoa's aluminium alloys to support Embraer’s development of metallic fuselage and wings for its aircraft.

Brazilian company Embraer manufactures commercial jets of up to 120 seats.

Alcoa is a leading supplier of aluminium sheet, plate, extrusions and forgings to the aerospace industry. In June, Alcoa launched a number of new aerospace products designed to lower the weight, cost and maintenance of new short-range aircraft, compared to composites.

The new agreement will employ Alcoa's aerospace technology to help Embraer develop high-performance aluminium aircraft using the newest aluminum products including aluminium and aluminium lithium alloys, advanced design approaches and structural technologies, and the latest fastener and joining technologies.

Bombardier Aerospace's CSeries aircraft, also optimised for the sub-150 seat market, employs aluminium-lithium for most of the fuselage and carbon composite for the majority of the wing, the empennage and the nacelles.




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