New prepreg materials offer versatility, top performance

Richard Stewart

Prepregs – reinforcing materials pre-impregnated with resin and ready to use to produce composite parts – are growing in popularity among all segments of the composites industry due to their versatility, high fibre content and wide selection. We report on new developments in prepreg technology and applications in which prepreg materials are being used.

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Amanda Jacob said

27 August 2009
Ravishanker and Hugo,
Thank you for your comments. As mentioned in the article, Lucintel has published a report on the global prepreg market (http://www.lucintel.com/market_prepreg.asp). I am not sure if it includes a breakdown by material.
Amanda Jacob, Editor, Reinforced Plastics

hugo.marcade said

25 August 2009

hugo.marcade said

25 August 2009
Ravishankar I need the same information !
Did you find soting ??

Ravishankar said

13 August 2009
very good and informative showing upto date status of this industry. It would be helpful if some one had put numbers like total prepegs world wide production in glass, carbon and other fibers.

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