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Von Roll launches phenolic armouring prepreg

Von Roll is extending its composite armouring products range with the new PARA-LITE® PHT20 phenolic prepreg for hard armour applications.

Von Roll, headquartered in Switzerland, produces composite products based on various reinforcements and resins for use in civilian and military ballistic protection.

The new PARA-LITE PHT20 prepreg employs HiPer-tex™ high performance glass fibre from reinforcements supplier 3B of Belgium, and phenolic resin. It can be used to create hard armour products employed to protect against bullets, IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and EFP (explosively formed projectiles) in ships, aircraft and vehicles.

According to Von Roll, PARA-LITE PHT20 phenolic prepreg with HiPer-tex reinforcement solves the challenges of reduced weight and affordability for hard armour systems.

3B reports that HiPer-tex high performance fibres are ideally suited to hard armour applications because of their high elongation at break, high modulus and high strength. Applications include blast panels to protect against land mines, engineering ballistics panels, and spall liners.






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