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Global carbon fibre market remains on upward trend

The association of composite companies and research institutes Carbon Composites e.V. has produced its fifth annual review of the global carbon fibre reinforced plastics market. Mark Holmes reviews the findings and outlook of the 2014 report, which continues to show carbon fibre use on the increase.

Show preview: COMPOSITES EUROPE 2014

Reinforced Plastics' preview of the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade show taking place on 7-9 October in Düsseldorf.

An introduction to resin infusion

This Reinforced Plastics feature provides a useful overview of the resin infusion process.

2014 WEU Onshore O&M Report: Cost effective O&M strategies to minimise downtime and maximise wind energy yield

The newly released 2014 Wind Energy Update (WEU) Onshore Operations and Maintenance Report provides cost-effective strategies to minimise downtime and maximise wind energy yield. This download offers a "sample" chapter of a five-chapter report.

Evaluating the impact of chemical waste: How safety and the bottom line can both benefit

This paper demonstrates that it is possible to reduce chemical costs by identifying and limiting the wastes found in dispensing, storage and application. Reducing these hidden costs will also improve productivity and health and safety in the workplace.

Waste & Hazard Walk Workbook

The Waste & Hazard Walk is a systematic facility tour which looks for ways to improve productivity and safety, with a specific focus on industrial supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). This free download outlines how your company could benefit from a Waste & Hazard Walk.

Gearbox lubrication of wind turbines: a case study

How can using a gearbox lubrication solution improve wind turbine availability?

Built in Italy: the Lamborghini Avendator

Reinforced Plastics visited Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese to see the production line for the carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) monocoque for the Aventador.

Using LEAN techniques to cut VOC emissions

How could your company change its approach to cutting VOC hazards on the shop floor?

A Guide to UK Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance

Prepared by GL Garrad Hassan on behalf of Scottish Enterprise and The Crown Estate, this guide aims to outline the scale and nature of the opportunities offshore wind operations and maintenance presents.

Show preview: COMPOSITES EUROPE 2013

Reinforced Plastics preview of the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade show taking place on 17-19 September in Stuttgart, Germany.

Lamborghini: 30 years of carbon fibre

This Reinforced Plastics feature reviews the extreme sports car manufacturer's use of carbon fibre composites.

Infusing quality at Discovery Yachts

This Reinforced Plastics feature looks at why composite boat builders such as Discovery Yachts are moving from wet lay-up to the resin infusion process.

7 Principles of Lean Supplies

How could your company change its approach and become a more efficient workplace?

US composites market on the up

This Reinforced Plastics feature looks at some of the factors driving the US composites market.

Financial results: First quarter 2013

A summary of the first quarter financial results of key composites companies.

Demand for composites leads to £2.3b record M&A

Forecasts that demand for composite materials is set to double by 2015 are leading to record levels of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Case study: Caterham Composites ensures Alex Thomson Racing's success

How Caterham Composites supported Alex Thomson Racing during the Vendée Globe race.

GKN Aerospace UK site reaches new heights in reliability and efficiency with Lectra solutions for composites

This case study outlines how Lectra cutting equipment has helped GKN Aerospace improve the productivity of its operation.

Metal to composites for improving reliability

Conversion of metal pump wear parts to advanced composite materials can lead to substantial annual cost savings through increased seal and bearing life, less risk of pump seizures, increased MTBR (Mean Time Between Repair), and reduced energy use. This is demonstrated by major industrial companies that transitioned from metals to DuPont Vespel CR-6100 wear parts for some of their toughest pump applications...

JEC Europe 2013 – show preview

This Reinforced Plastics feature previews the JEC Europe 2013 trade show.

Composites Recycling Made Easy

This EuCIA (European Composites Industry Association) document outlines the benefits of composites recycling through co-processing in cement kilns.

Carbon composites and cars – technology watch 2012

Carbon fibre composites are well established in limited-edition cars. The development of materials and processes to enable their use in high volume vehicles is the challenge.

Acquisitions and joint ventures review 2012

This article lists the key business moves in the composites industry during 2012.

Caterham Composites Case Study: Sliding Roof for Alex Thomson's HUGO BOSS yacht

This case study describes how Caterham Composites designed a sliding coach roof for Alex Thomson's Open 60 HUGO BOSS yacht to protect the sailor from the harsh conditions expected during the Vendée Globe race.

Show preview: COMPOSITES EUROPE 2012

Reinforced Plastics' preview of the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade show taking place in Düsseldorf on 9-11 October.

Can epoxy composites be made 100% recyclable?

This Reinforced Plastics feature looks at Connora Technologies' Recyclamine™ epoxy hardener series which is claimed to enable both fibre and resin to be recovered from end-of-life epoxy composites.

Reinforced Plastics – September/October 2012 issue

A preview of our September/October issue ...

Case study: Tri-State Utilities relies on CoREZYN® products for trenchless pipe repair

This case history discusses how Interplastic Corporation’s styrene-free vinyl ester resin was used by Tri-State in repairing storm drain pipes for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Siemens unveils 75 m wind turbine blade

Siemens has produced the first batch of its new 75 m long wind turbine blades, which it claims are the world's longest. This Reinforced Plastics feature takes a look at these blades.

The challenge of composite fuselage repair

This Reinforced Plastics feature debates the best way of repairing composites in commercial aircraft.

Reinforced Plastics – May/June 2012 issue

Want to know what's going into the next issue of Reinforced Plastics magazine?

Wind turbine blade production – new products keep pace as scale increases

This Reinforced Plastics feature reports on the new composite products and processes being developed to meet the needs of utility-scale wind turbine blade producers.

Call for papers: Reinforced Plastics & COMPOSITES CHINA Congress 2012

Reinforced Plastics magazine and Reed Exhibitions are inviting presentations for the Reinforced Plastics & COMPOSITES CHINA Congress taking place on 7 June 2012 in Shanghai.

Strategically accelerating the adoption of advanced composites beyond aerospace

A business perspective for the future of the advanced composites sector.

GERBERcutter® Z1 computer-controlled cutting system

Gerber Technology’s new GERBERcutter® Z1 system is designed to cut a wide range of composite materials. Download this brochure to learn more.

Bombardier throws down the gauntlet with CSeries airliner

This Reinforced Plastics features review the progress of Bombardier Aerospace's CSeries aircraft programme.

Editorial highlights – November/December 2011 issue

Want to know what's going into the next issue of Reinforced Plastics magazine?

COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011 - show preview

Reinforced Plastics' preview of the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011 trade show.

Glass fibre reinforced thermosets: recyclable and compliant with EU legislation

A Position Paper supported by the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA), European Plastics Converters (EuPC) and the European Composite Recycling Service Company (ECRC).

Composites can be recycled

A report from the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)'s Information Day on Competitive Composites: Sustainability and Recycling Challenges.

The Reinforced Plastics network – a unique resource for the polymer composites industry

Connect with over 250,000 materials scientists, engineers, designers and manufacturers worldwide.

Resin meets European food contact regulations

A new resin has been introduced for the manufacture of composite components that come into contact with food and drinking water. The resin is compliant with European regulations on food contact and is manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

JEC Composites Show 2011 – preview

Download Reinforced Plastics' preview of the JEC Composites Show here.

Wind turbine blade manufacturers face a balancing act

This feature from the January/February 2011 issue of Reinforced Plastics magazine reviews the different processing routes being taken by wind turbine blade manufacturers around the world and the need for a PLM approach.

Composite process solutions increase productivity

Are part errors and scrap material costing your company money? This video discusses ways to eliminate scrap and rework.

EC Regulation: provisional anti-dumping duty of imports of certain glass fibre products from China

This is the notification published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 15 September 2010.

EuCIA position paper: Impact of anti-dumping measures on Chinese glass fibre products

The European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) and the European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) published this paper in July 2010 to outline the potential impact of anti-dumping measures on the European composites industry.

APFE/GlassFibreEurope fact sheet: Anti-dumping measures

The European Glass Fibre Producers Association (APFE)/GlassFibreEurope published this fact sheet on 16 September.

Laser bond inspection

Concerned about adhesive bond strength or coating adhesion? Laser bond inspection may be the solution your company is looking for. Download an overview of this new technique and its applications now.

Building on the advantages of composites in construction

Construction is one of the largest markets for composites globally. This Reinforced Plastics feature reports on trends in composites in construction and innovative applications utilising FRP materials.

Marine composites - drawbacks and successes

Reinforced Plastics reports from a conference on marine and offshore composites held by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

Developments in FRP bridge design

This Reinforced Plastics feature discusses the latest developments in fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) bridges.

EuCIA Position Paper on Recycling of Thermosetting Composite Parts in the Automotive Industry

Thermoset composites are compliant with EU Directive.

Big challenges: the role of resin in wind turbine rotor blade development

The demand for bigger wind turbines, powered by longer blades, has placed many challenges on the blade manufacturers and their suppliers. This Reinforced Plastics feature reviews the history of blade manufacture and the challenges facing resin suppliers to the wind energy industry today.

Carbon fibre producers optimistic in downturn

Despite the current lull in demand for carbon fibre from high-volume users, the range of manufacturing applications for carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) continues to expand in the face of demand for lighter, stronger and higher performing products.

Boeing's 787: trials, tribulations, and restoring the dream

Reinforced Plastics reviews the history of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner aircraft.