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  • Composites Germany joins EuCIA
    Composites Germany, the trade association founded in 2013, has replaced the AVK - Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe e.V. (Federation of Reinforced Plastics) as a member of EuCIA (European Composites Industry Association).
  • AVK Conference 2014 - Call for papers
    The AVK - Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe e.V. (Federation of Reinforced Plastics) is inviting presentations for the International AVK Conference for Fibre Reinforced Plastics/Composites taking place from 6-7 October 2014 at the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Submissions requested for AVK Innovation Awards
    The AVK - Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe e.V. (Federation of Reinforced Plastics) - is inviting submissions for the AVK Innovation Awards 2014 in the field of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP)/Composites.
  • COMPOSITES EUROPE 2013: Composites Germany trade association launched
    Four German composites associations have announced the foundation of a joint umbrella trade association called Composites Germany.
  • COMPOSITES EUROPE 2013 attracts over 9000 visitors
    COMPOSITES EUROPE 2013 attracted 9171 visitors to Stuttgart on 17-19 September, up 30% on the previous show held in Stuttgart in 2011.
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  • Can the UK maintain a leading position in the composites industry?
    Posted by Amanda Jacob • 27 March 2014
    By Amanda Jacob, Content Development Editor, Reinforced Plastics Will UK manufacturing be left behind as others seize on international opportunities to manufacture and supply comp...
    tags: UK composites industry, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Education, Supply chain, Standards
  • GUEST BLOG: Do you have any case studies related to NDT of composite materials?
    Posted by Guest bloggers • 26 February 2014
    A welcome letter from Dr Bernd Köhler, Editor-in-Chief of Case Studies in Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation, a new open access journal from Elsevier. Non-destructive methods are as l...
    tags: composites, NDT, testing, NDE, carbon fibre, Elsevier
  • Tackling corrosion in the oilfield
    Posted by Mark Holmes • 20 February 2014
    For over 30 years glass reinforced epoxies (GRE) have proven to outperform other polymers in protecting tubulars from corrosion and abrasion. Corrosion in the oilfield can be caused by many sources: ...
    tags: corrosion, glass reinforced eopxy, oilfiled
  • GUEST BLOG: A business case for FRP in construction
    Posted by Guest bloggers • 12 February 2014
    By Andy Greathead of Perma Composites Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), sometimes referred to as composites, is an ideal material to use in construction, as it has a number of features making it cost e...
    tags: construction, FRP, housing, environment
  • GUEST BLOG: 6 reasons to try FRP cross arms
    Posted by Guest bloggers • 06 February 2014
    By FRP Transmission Innovations In an industry with vast infrastructure that is meant to last a quarter century or more, changes don’t happen overnight when a new technology comes along....
    tags: FRP, cross arms, high voltage transmission, FRP Transmission Innovations
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